Manage Your Cleaning Business and Janitorial Service In Real Time.

Are you still managing your cleaning service or janitorial service with pen and paper ? Let us help you bring your business online. 

What Can You Do With

The Clean Assistant Software? 

Scheduling System


Create shifts with options for daily, weekly, and monthly repeating cycles and overnight capability.

Time Task


Track employees real time progress through their shift as they check off tasks.

GPS Clock In & Clock Out

Require employees to be within a customizable distance of their location to clock in and out of their shift.

Supply System


Track and fulfill supply requests for each location.

Safety Data Sheet


Upload unlimited MSDS or SDS sheets and individualize them to any location or employee.



Create and perform inspections for each shift to track cleaning effectiveness.

Location Messaging


Add clients and cleaners to be able send messages to everyone working at a location. 

Report System


See all supply reports, employees hours, live task summaries, inspections etc.

Account & Employee


Manage all account and employee information. Manage what your cleaners and supervisors can see.

Organize Your Business and Build Your Systems, It's Time To Grow!

Our team of developers created Clean Assistant to improve the lives of

owners and operators. 

Conveniently watch how to use each feature with the recently added a tutorial section.

If you need additional help, you can easily reach our exceptional support team via email at

Everything You Need To Grow Your Business With The Right Cleaning and Janitorial Service Software

E X T R A   H E A D I N G

What's Up

Cleaning and Janitorial Operators

If you’re tired of stressing while trying to grow your business, you came to the right place.

I started working on Clean Assistant 5 years ago, because I saw the cleaning industry was one of the industries that wasn't innovating.  

Well… I took it upon myself! I can now say we have hundreds of users that use our software on a daily basis. 

The last five years of my life have been dedicated to helping businesses and cleaners grow online

AND I’m determined to provide the largest collection of online cleaning resources and tools.

Clean Assistant is a tool that will actually save you time, money, and watch your business live. It's like having a camera in your clients building.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We got some amazing clients

RCC Cleaning Group

Just started with Clean Assistant and it's sooo simple and effective to organize your cleaning company, you have plenty of tools to manage your business"

Brothers Cleaning

Clean Assistant makes it so easy to use and it has given me the confidence to take vacations and not be stressed out. I'm able to see how my business is doing from my phone.

Rose Cleaning 

Love Clean Assistant! This tool has made my commercial cleaning business take off. I can see if my employees are in the account and for long they were cleaning for. 

AMS Janitorial

Clean Assistant has changed the way I ran my cleaning company. Not only did it smooth my day to day operation, but it also saved me an entire position. 

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